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How Would You Like to Get Money Back When You
Buy Your Next Home?

Contact Us To Get Your Buyers Rebate! 

Per the Department of Justice, Buyer Rebates are 100% LEGAL
in the State of New Jersey!

Read What the Department of Justice Has to Say About 
Home Buyer Rebates! Commission rebates are applied directly at closing as a credit or check at closing. It’s simple, according to the DOJ:

“Rebates make buying a home less expensive.”

Get Your Home
Buyer's Rebate!

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Our Home Buyer's Get Buyer's Rebates

 Look At What You Could Get Back When Buying Your Next Home!

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We Believe In Giving Back To Our Buyers, So We Offer Our Buyers a Buyer's Rebate, That Means You Get a CHECK or CREDIT at Closing.

We know how important every dollar is to a home buyer. This had us considering what we can do to help our home buyers reduce their costs in the home buying process. Quite frankly we found the most effective way for us to help is by utilizing a little known and even less used NJ state law that allows us to rebate a portion of our commission to our buyers.  

So what do we give back to our Buyers?

Purchase a home up to $1millon and they receive $500 for every $100,000 of the final purchase price!   

Purchase a home $1millon & up, and they receive $1000 per $100,000 of the final purchase price!

Hence, if you purchase a home for $325,000, we give you $1500 at closing. 
If you purchase a home for $750,000, we give you back $3500!
If you buy a home for $1.1M, we give you $11,000 back!!!

Also, don’t confuse offering a rebate with level of service. All of our Buyers receive the same high level service they expect from a real estate professional, regardless of the rebate amount. 

Why do we give up a part of our commission to our Buyers? We believe that in sharing our commission with our clients, can help make their home buying experience better by making it just a little more affordable.  By doing this we hope to build a long lasting relationship where they will recommend us to all their friends, family and co-workers. 

So, what do you need to do to get your buyer's rebate? It is easy! Just follow the 6 easy steps outlined below.

6 Simple Steps to Your Buyers Rebate


Contact us to get your free buyer's consultation, where you will authorize us to be your personal Buyer's Agent by signing the NJ State required Buyer's Agency Agreement
with Rebate Provision


Once you decide on a home,
we will put together a winning contract, submit your offer to the seller & negotiate with 
them on your behalf. 


Forward us a Mortgage
Pre-Approval or Proof of Funds from your financial institution.
If you do not have one of these, we can help you obtain one by putting you in touch with a mortgage professional.


When your offer is accepted, we will guide you through the 
inspections & keep everybody involved in the transaction on track through closing.


We will recommend some homes & you can search our online app & website to find homes that suit your needs & wants. Then we can schedule appointments to show you the homes that interest you.


On Closing day, you will receive your Buyer's Rebate as either a credit towards prepaids & closing costs or a check paid
by the closing agent.

Here Are The States That Allow Buyer's Rebates



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 Information provided by: 

States that accept buyers rebates.png


On January 17, 2010, Section 17(k) of the NJ Licensing Act law was amended to allow licensed real estate brokers
to provide home buyers a rebate from the commission that the broker receives. 


This law was originally introduced by The U.S. Department of Justice to increase competition among real estate
professionals. According to the DOJ, 40 states, including New Jersey, currently allow real estate brokers to
give rebates to their clients. Cash rebates are usually calculated as some fraction of the broker's commission and
can result in thousands of dollars being returned to the consumer. Click Here To Read More from the DOJ

Who may provide/receive a rebate and conditions concerning the providing of a rebate:
✔ Only a real estate company's broker may provide the rebate. A broker-salesperson or salesperson may not provide a rebate.

✔ A rebate may only be provided to a purchaser of residential real property. A rebate may not be provided to a seller or to a lessor or lessee.

✔ The broker and the purchaser must contract for a rebate at the onset of the brokerage relationship in a written document, an electronic document or a buyer agency agreement. The document or agreement must specify the terms of any rebate to be credited or paid by the broker to the purchaser. The broker must provide the document or agreement to the purchaser at the outset of the brokerage relationship.

✔ The rebate can not be contingent on the purchaser using any other services or products. 

✔ The broker must comply with any State or federal requirements regarding the disclosure of the payment of the rebate.

✔ The broker must recommend to the purchaser that the purchaser contact a tax professional concerning the tax implications of receiving the rebate.

Why Go Anywhere Else?!

 Can you think of one single reason why you would buy a house using a Real Estate Agent that did not offer you ANY incentive for choosing them to represent you when Buying a home?  

NextHome Lifestyle Realty Associates are able to offer significant REBATES on ANY RESIDENTIAL MLS® PROPERTY priced over $100,000.  That's correct, the home can be listed by ANY REALTOR at ANY COMPANY... you get a rebate!  

It's a simple choice... do you want zero back or money back at closing? 

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